Friday, January 11, 2019

Bare Minerals Warmth All Over Face Review

   I don't know about you but I actually have multiple bronzers. Even though I'm a brownie, in the winter I get super pale! And no I'm not going to start using a self-tanner. I mean I thought about it lol. It wasn't until I watched Tess Florio's video where I saw her using her bronzer all over her face. I was amazed! I had not even thought of that! I don't use foundation, only a cc cream. The fact that I could use this lightweight bronzer to make myself darker blew my mind. The next day I set out to Ulta and bought the best bronzer ever. I love this Bare minerals bronzer so much. I couldn't wait to go home and try it on. It wasn't too dark or too light. It was perfect! The application process is easy as well. I also did a little research and there are so many perks to using Bare Minerals. They are free from harmful products that could hurt people and the environment. I also read that they carefully select natural ingredients. Win, win! If you've never used bronzer before, down below I created a little step by step list on how to apply bronzer.

                                                   HOW TO APPLY BRONZER : 

                                            1. Start with a clean face and brush.
                                            2. Apply a primer.
                                            3. Sweep over your cheeks starting from your ear.
                                            4. Tap your brush for excess product and go next to your hairline!
                                            5. You want to finish up with your jawline. 

                                                Congrats! You just applied bronzer!
                   If you are bronzer lover, what is currently your favorite bronzer at the moment?


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