Monday, December 17, 2018


Hi! I haven't actually written a blog post like this before. I haven't actually written a blog post in a while. It's hard to be consistent when everyone around you is consistently putting up content for you to read or for you to get inspiration from. You tend to neglect your page, at least for myself.  I tend to do this from time to time. But if you actually keep track of bloggers, some but not all tend to do this. We take a leave of absence without anyone's permission. That could be a good thing or a bad thing. When you get back into blogging it's not easy. You finally decide to check your stats and it's gone down dramatically. Or you scramble to find the picture to post on Instagram but they are never good enough. But after meditating on why I do this, I came to the conclusion that my blog was to help others. Not myself. Is there a saying that we need to help ourselves before we tend to the needs of others. I read a lot of blog post and they are almost all the same format. A post with some pictures, a few paragraphs and some links to support the blogger. There is nothing wrong with this. But that's not me. I want to help people. And recommending products is great. Before I buy anything I look up a review or look to my favorite influencers to see what they are posting. But that's not all that I want to offer people through my page.  I will confess that writing is hard. I feel like sometimes the thoughts flow and other times I struggle to get them out. It sounds like I am rambling,  I guess I'm just trying to make it clear to myself I don't need to be perfect when it comes to this blogging thing. After all, most people in history that were successful were very imperfect.

              I recently stumbled upon a Julia Childs movie that I'd watched before but never paid close attention. This time around it was a masterpiece to me. It was brilliant. It was just what I needed. Julia Childs, if your unsure of who she was, a cook, tv actress and a role model who made cooking look amazing. She was not the greatest when she started cooking nonetheless she practiced and never gave up. She was positive and if something did not work she tried it again. I guess what I learned from her are perseverance and dedication. If we fail to do it again. And again and again, until we are satisfied with whatever we are striving for. Last night, was the first time I actually watched someone make an omelet. I know it's probably a simple thing to make but I had never made one before. I was too intimidated. I'm not sure why. And yes it was Julia Childs. This morning I woke up went to the fridge. Grabbed three eggs, some water, and butter. I made the omelet nervously looking into the future. Would it turn out ok? Would I just have to turn it into scrambled eggs? But then I readjusted my thinking. I can do this. It may not come out perfect but it's my first try. Why was I being so hard on myself? I did it. Something that I never tried came out great. I quickly sent a text to my family letting them know what I did. I just wanted to share the joy of accomplishment!

  If you're still reading this. This post is to motivate me. And you.. that WE can accomplish anything. Faith and perseverance are what we need more of. And sometimes the simplest thing can make us realize we can do anything!


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