Thursday, December 27, 2018


I was in the makeup section in Target looking for a BB cream but I just happened to turn around and see these beautiful nail designs. I had just enough room to look at them because there was a lady sitting in her wheelchair there for almost twenty minutes. Confession: It's my biggest pet peeve when people come down the aisle and push me out the way to look at something. I wasn't going to ask her to move. Like I said, just enough room to grab these beautiful matte sticks on nails. I did happen to see these around a lot but to be honest, in the past they were pretty bad quality.  Despite my previous experience, I decided to make the purchase of these impress nails for 7.99 and see how far these babies would take me!

   This is what the packaging looks like. The brand is called Impress. You can find them linked here.  It comes with 30 nails, an emery small board, and a little alcohol wipe. The ones I picked up were matte but they had so many different styles for you to choose from. It also has directions enclosed to show you how to put them on.

                   They also have a little chart inside that you can line the nails up and see which one corresponds to each nail. I just dumped them all out to see them clearly. The adhesive is actually super strong. How do I know that? Like always, I messed up a couple and tried to peel off the ones I already put on and there was actually a little bit of tension to pull them off.

                  They are super easy to put on. You just peel the sticky paper off and press to your nail. The longer you hold the longer they are going to stay on your nail. I held each one for one minute.

                          This is the outcome and I would say they turned out really well. I would totally use them again! If you need a quick manicure I would say these are your best bet. Let me know if you've tried them and if you liked them or not. They are great for when you're on the go and don't have time to paint your nails. And another pro is there is no toxic smell like regular nail polish, even though we can't stay away from it. A girl needs color in her life!



  1. Great post! I had been wondering how these worked! Thank you!

  2. So how are they after a few days? Do they just start falling off, or do they stay on until you're ready to be done with them?

    1. I put them on Monday and they are still here looking greattt !

  3. They are cute nails, and sound so easy to put on.

  4. Those seem pretty easy and quick to apply. I'm sure my fiance would love these!

  5. hey this looks great!!
    I need to try this asap
    Thanks for sharing the method of application its gonna help !!


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