Tuesday, October 9, 2018


           I feel like everyone is super excited about fall right now. The fall foliage, the warm cozy drinks, the oversized fuzzy sweaters. Fall is my favorite season if you can't already tell by that opening sentence! It seems like everything is dying, but I feel like it's the birth of many things to come. It's a time that allows you to slow down and really get the most out of your life. The cooler seasons force us to stay inside for much longer periods of time. Some people tend to adopt depression and aren't huge fans of this time of the year. Yes it's colder, yes it gets darker earlier and yes you may have to shovel snow. But think about the warm cozy sweaters you can wear, the lights that they put out during this time of the year that make you feel like your walking with the stars. Or how you shovel the snow and come back into a hot steaming bowl of yummy soup. The change of seasons can be hard for a lot of people but that's why you have us fall lovers to come up with the perfect guide to enjoy this fall season. This is my personal fall bucket list and maybe you will get some ideas of your own.

Fall Recipes
I want to make all the fall recipes that I can! I love cooking but I feel like I don't experiment enough. The other night my husband said that he wanted to learn how to make soup. It caught me off guard because he's not really into cooking. But I asked him why and he said: " because it's cozy!" I thought wow if he thinks it' s cozy I def want to make some good soups for him. And even make soup together.

Check out my food Pinterest board here: Check under fall food for inspiration!

Hot Chocolate
This is the only time of year that I drink hot chocolate. There is a spot if your ever in the New York Area there is a coffee shop that's called 2 Alices. I think their hot chocolate is so good. Last year, I even learned to make my own from scratch. It was actually pretty good. I will link the recipe at the end of this post.

I feel like I don't take enough pictures of all the colorful trees, the fall outfits, the lights, and the leaves spread across the ground. I definitely want to get some good shots before all the leaves fall gracefully to the ground. I live in an area where some of the views are absolutely breathtaking. You can't help to just stop and be mesmerized by the beauty.

Jazz Music 
I don't know what is but jazz in the fall is so soothing and relaxing during this time of year.I love to light a candle, turn on some Ella Fitzgerald and take off my makeup. The other night we just sat on the couch drinking whiskey and listened to Ella Fitzgerald.

Apple Picking 
 The apples that you pick taste way better than the ones you pick up from the store. When apple picking it's a reminder of that's how life is and will be. Ezekial 31:9 " I made it beautiful, with abundant foliage, and all the other trees of Eden, the garden of the true God... "

I'm not a pro at hiking but I do love being outside. When I was a kid I would stay outside from early morning to late at night. He made us enjoy the cool fresh air, the warm sun, and the beautiful colors. It's nice to hike in the fall too because the temperatures are cooler.

In the summer, baking is not a thing in our house. It's way too hot and our apartment is small so the hot air literally just lingers around. So in the cooler months, I want to bake more muffins, bread, cakes and more!

 Our new apartment has a fire pit outside, so I definitely want to get outside and use that. Also, I was reading the Danes love entertaining. But the main reason they are able to do so is that they keep their houses pristine! Even though most people think of spring cleaning. I definitely want to adopt that all year round and have more people over.

Writing letters is way more hygiene than texting! It warms a person heart to receive a letter from someone that loves and cares from them. So I definitely want to write to more people!

 In the summertime, it's so hard for me to find time to sit and read because life is just fast paced and we are always on the move in the summer. I feel like that needs to change but I want to get in more Bible reading and novels in.

  These are just a few things that I'm looking forward to doing. I would love to hear how you enjoy the fall season. Let me know in the comment box down below.


  1. Yes yes yes to all of these! This is my favorite time of year and I love just immersing myself in it.

  2. oh, what a lovely list, have to make one for myself too. I love this season!


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