Tuesday, September 18, 2018


As the cooler temperatures of fall arrive, oatmeal is a quick and healthy breakfast. The taste of oatmeal takes me back to my childhood and the memory of my mom playing the local radio talk shows early in the morning along with delicious oatmeal waiting for me on the table. It tasted so good!  So why did oatmeal taste so good as a kid? Because I grew up on yummy artificial oatmeal. Just pour water and you're ready to go. It was so good and took me less than five minutes to eat. ( unless I was watching tv)  Fast forward into adult life when you realize that artificial oatmeal is not really that beneficial for you.  Raise your hand if you have a love/hate relationship for oatmeal? Time and time again I gave it a chance. Over time people have constructed so many recipes on how to make the perfect oatmeal but they just did absolutely nothing for me. Until I found this recipe. But before we get there, why should you eat oatmeal on the daily?

         Oatmeal has been around for years. Thousands of years. It actually dates back to  7,000 years. There are so many reasons but just to name a few: lowers cholesterol, helps curb hunger, prevents heart disease, contains biotin which helps your nails, skin, and hair and contains many vitamins.
That was just a brief list of its benefits but oatmeal has been proven to increase your overall health.  Now, why did I title this to perfect oatmeal? For me, this is the best version of oatmeal that I've tasted. I found this recipe of interest but tweaked it to my liking. Are you ready for this awesome recipe?

                                                                                    P E R F E C T  O A T M E A L

    ↣1 cup of oatmeal 
↣1 Tbsp of ghee 
↣Water or milk 
                       ↣ 1/2 diced Honeycrisp apple
    1. Brown the oats in the ghee until you smell the peanut aroma.
    2. Add cinnamon, salt, and apples and stir.
    3. Add water or milk whatever one you prefer.
    4.  Cook until its the desired consistency. 
             Grab a spoon, bowl and enjoy!  

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  1. Looks delicious & easy to make, thank you!!


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