Tuesday, September 4, 2018


 Oat milk is made by soaking oats and then blending them with water. Although I am not vegan this is a great alternative for vegans instead of using cow's milk. It's a 1:3 ratio using oats and water. But you can play with the recipe depending on how thick or thin you would like it. I actually heard about Oat milk from my mother- in - law a few months ago. I bought a little strainer to make it but just never got around to it. Then a few days ago I saw it on an Instagram on story. The way she described just sounded so good! Their are so many excellent benefits that come with the intake of this delicious milk. As mentioned at the beginning of the post it is a great alternative for vegans. You can add it to your coffee, cereal or just drink it by itself. What if you are not vegan? What if your stomach hurts after drinking milk? This is a great alternative to milk and you can add different things to it to make it taste 10x better than milk. It also helps with anemia, boost your immune system and lowers cholesterol.

                                                           DIY OAT MILK

                                 ↣ 3 cups of water
                                 ↣ 1 cup of oatmeal
                                 ↣  few drops of vanilla extract
                                 ↣ tsp of salt

           First, you want to let the oatmeal soften. Whether it be just for a few hours or overnight they need to be soft so that they blend well. When it's done soaking you want to rinse off the oats.

 Next, you can use a blender or a nutri bullet. I used a nutri bullet and it worked great. You want to blend it enough that it looks like actual milk.

Finally, you want to strain the oat milk to get the remaining bits out. Then you add in the vanilla and salt. Pour into a mason jar and pour some in a cup and enjoy! Let me know if you tried this recipe in the past or if you added anything additional. Comment below : )





  1. I'm so excited to try this!!! Thanks for sharing your recipe. It's seems so simple, I wish I had been doing this all along! ^^

  2. Aww no problem and yes it's super easy! Enjoy :)


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