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Catskill Brewery 

Oh my goodness it's almost been a year since we last celebrated our anniversary in the Catskills. We were celebrating two years of being married. We got married in 2015. It goes by way to fast! It was about an hour drive from where we live so not too far. Why did we choose the Catskills? Well we couldn't go too far and I remember googling romantic places in the Hudson Valley and the Catskills was one of them. The places that I saw though were not in our price range. We wanted to go for a few days and not break the bank or have debt from our trip. Sometimes it's easy to throw a trip on a credit card but you don't want to slave after vacation because then what will be the point of the vacation. So researching for a few days I found the cutest little Airbnb in the Catskills.

The host of this Airbnb was amazing! Her name was Caitlin and from the time we arrived at the time that we left she was very helpful. The house was an old historic house that they remodeled to make very modern/ hipster. When you walk in there is a long hallway with a shelf decorated with books. And a little vintage baby carriage with towels and other things that you would need for your stay. I can't stand writing about this because it was so stinking cute!!
Link to the Airbnb  

 Brett admiring the tree branch 

         How cool is this tree branch made for you to hang up your clothes! There weren't too many hangers so we just hung up our coast there. It was funny because Brett was just walking around saying wow to all the pretty cool finds in there. I actually think that I might try to do this look in my room. It's so funny how little places like this give you so much inspiration.

Living room/bedroom 
Although this place is not so big, it's the perfect size for two people. Where you see Brett siting was a long couch with a cute little table in the corner there. The long curtains also make the room feel bigger than it actually is! But like I said it was a pretty big space just for two people. Ugh, I love this little place the more that I write about it. 

 " What are you doing? "

                    I'm not positive but that couch my be a pullout. Yes it is! Because it can fit four guest. Brett's so funny. I'm not sure/ can't remember what he was eating at the time. Ohhhhh! Chocolate. Yes I just looked at the box. Aww that's nice someone gave us chocolate for our anniversary. Still grateful a year later.

Kitchen area 

Yessssss! I remember this little kitchen area! it was super cute. Yes, there is no stove but with the number of restaurants (Hudson, NY ) close by you will definitely want to try some one the out for sure. It came with a cute little fridge, coffee, and some tea! So cute!

 This was the outside porch area. Although we didn't spend any time out there. Mainly, because it was cold/ rainy/ snowy. It was nice to know that it was out there for another time. 

 My favorite place in the whole studio. What! It had a vintage tub inside. How awesome is that? 
It was so clean ad equipped with everything that we needed. I'm sad that I didn't soak in this tub because it was so fancy. Anyway, this bathroom was just amazing! And so big. That's one of my goals in life. Big bathroom. It's just easier for everything and everybody! But for now I love our little bathroom.Okay enough about our bathroom. We checked out our place and then headed out to check what the town was like. 

Catskill and Hudson

HiLo Cafe

Catskill Main Street where we stayed was pretty low key. They had a few little shops but not too many. About a minute down our street was a little cafe that was so cute but kind of on the pricey side.

HiLo Cafe

                                        They had just a few restaurants in the Catskills. If you wanted to shop or more food you had to go to Hudson which was just about 20 mins away. And the nice thing about the time that we went everything was lit up and so nice. They had music playing outside. Very pretty and romantic I think. They had everything on that main street in Hudson. From vintage stores to book stores. Tea shops to a bookstore/ bar. Yes I went there!

Catskill Landing

                                       We did find this cute little landing in the Catskills. I think we just kept driving and then just ended up here. There was no one there but us. Well, during that time there weren't that many people at all. It was a bit weird but it was nice to take a break from the hustle and bustle.

Catskill Brewery
                                              This cute little Brewery actually just opened up. It was in the Catskills and I'm pretty sure it was called Catskills Brewery. It was nice. Hardly anyone was in there and we enjoyed the beer together. Well, that's what you do at a Brewery right?

Standing outside a bookstore

                                            Hudson had so many cool shops it was hard not to check out every single one of them. From handmade to high fashion there were so many things to check out. I think this was outside of a really cool book store.

Vintage Bike

I think we found this little cute vintage barn by the water and it had so many cool vintage items. From dressers tables. So many cool things to look at. Overall, our experience was super nice in the Catskills. Catskills main street was quite but quaint. If you wanted more Hudson n was just a few minutes away.

Here is an awesome guide to Hudson :


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