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      How to make your bathroom a spa? Why that title? My bathroom .... a spa ? Yes ! Well, the trending topic nowadays is self-care. And it's true that we need to love ourselves, of course in a modest and balanced way before we go out into the world. So many things cause us stress and anxiety. People are desperately looking for peace and relaxation. That's why making our bathroom feel like a spa is a key to making self-care something that we actually want to do. Going out to the spa is fun but we don't always have time or money to do that. Plus, with the cold weather season closing in we may not want to leave the house. Why not make a spa right in our home! How do we make our bathroom feel like a spa? Well, there are so many ways but here are just a few ways that we can do that.

 1. Add products that are not harmful to you and do not contain a lot of chemicals. And most of the products you can even make your self and put it in a bottle that looks appealing! This will not only make you feel better about what you're using but will motivate you to want to be able to use these products. I love to make my own lotion and put it inside of an amber jar. Check out my body butter recipe.

 2. Add a stool for your towels and washcloths. You can find really cute ones at your local thrift store. This adds a spa vibe to your bathroom and also adds functional decor to your room! Tip: Add white towels to make washing easier and your bathroom feel like you are in a hotel. I usually buy my towels from target or marshalls that are discounted. Tip: Try making sure that your bathroom is always stocked. We are all guilty of running around the house naked looking for a towel. Well, maybe not all of us.

3. Use Eco-friendly products to clean your bathroom. You can use essential oils, vinegar, baking soda... the list goes on! When we use cleaning products that are not toxic we feel better when we are soaking in a lavender bomb tub. Tip: Grapefruit, baking soda and vinegar do a really nice job cleaning most parts of the bathroom. I use Ecos and Myers most of the time.

  4. Plants are in right now. Everyone and their mother has at least one plant in their home. Plants are awesome because they remove the toxins from your home and also add a beautiful touch. These are just some plants that do really well inside of the bathroom. Tip: You can add eucalyptus to your shower to add a nice fragrance while you are showering. The more it stays in there the color looks pretty cool as well! Watch out for falling leaves though! Really gives you the jungle experience.

    Aloe Vera
    Boston Fern
    Cast Iron Plant
    Chinese Evergreen

5. Lastly, try to make your bathroom aesthetically pleasing. If you rent there are so many different things you can switch out to make the bathroom more appealing. Such as the tiles. At home depot, they have the vinyl tiles that are super easy to put down. You can change out the fixtures and add cute hand towels. Also the surfaces or countertops you can change. Check out Premier Surfaces if you are looking for gorgeous countertops. Check out Buffalo NY Premier Surfaces if you are looking for gorgeous countertops.

Image: Primer Surfaces

   When you come home from a long day, the last thing you want to do is go into the bathroom and take off your make up and shower. Make your bathroom a relaxing place. And try to keep it clean and decluttered. When you go in you should feel relaxed and when you come out you should feel even more relaxed. This part of the house might be the most overlooked one because we don't spend that much time there. But when we do enter we don't want to feel like we want to run out. If you remodeled your bathroom or made it look like a spa I would love to see some before and after pictures. And don't forget Pinterest offers so much to make a board, pin away and make it come to life. Tip: Add some light music, candles and float away! How do you like to relax? Comment below!

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