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Morning routine is such a trend around here but it is actually very beneficial. I always think of the saying that we have just as many hours as Beyonce.Not that we want to run ourselves down but we want to make the best use of our time. So why do so many people talk about morning routine? Well there are many reasons. How many times have you rushed out of bed, jumped in the shower and barely had anytime to plan your day? Hand raised over here! When you wake up and give yourself that needed time you create a less stressful day. When you start your morning off in a positive way you are setting the tone for the rest of the day. Have you ever heard of the Circadian Rhythm? It's basically your body internal clock. It's responsible for reminding you to eat, to sleep and many different things you do on a regular basis. How is that connected with your morning routine? Well it's a proven fact that your willpower or want to do more is highest right after sleeping. The morning is the best time to use that willpower or to make changes. Down below is usually how I start my morning!

I usually start laundry when I wake tidy up the kitchen if anything was left from the previous night. Then I fill up my water bottle and prepare breakfast while listening to youtubers that inspire me. If I wait too long to eat, I get really nauseous and I don't like that feeling at all. So I try to eat as soon as possible.Next, I like to take the time to read a portion of the Bible and pray. When you start your day out with God, it just makes the day more meaningful. I also like to jot down my blessings or just whatever I'm thinking in my journal. Journaling is just an awesome outlet that allows you to dump your brain. When I'm done with that  I like to tidy up and start getting ready for the day. That includes showering and doing my makeup. I make sure that I use products that are good for me but also make me look forward to that time. Time to get dressed! My closet is very minimal but also very accessible. So that helps a lot not to have mental fatigue. Eventually I want to incorporate working out to my morning routine. I learned from Lavendaire how to habit stack once you have a routine already set up. Having a morning routine can just make your day so meaningful and help you accomplish so much. Comment down below what you do for your morning routine! I would love to know. 

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