Wednesday, June 27, 2018

10 Tips On How To Organize Your Closet


1. Baskets
I love baskets! Especially wicker baskets. Quick tip! You can find really cute ones in thrift stores and just spray down with a cleaner. Link here :

2. Wooden Hangers

When organizing your closet wooden hangers bring a different vibe to your closet. It makes your closet look more organized when all the hangers are the same color or if they match. Link is here : 

3. Clothes Organizer 
If you have a lot of clothes this might be a good option for you! It just gives a home for everything and makes it look very organized! Link is here :

4. Cedar 
If you do decide to keep your shoes in your closet then this a natural way to keep your closet from smelling. Link is here :

5. Color Code 
 You will be more likely to wear most of the clothing that's in your closet if you organize it in this way. 

6.  Curtains 
If your like me and you don't have a door on your closet then this might be a good option! I love the curtains from target or amazon. Link is here : 

 Your going into your closet everyday. Why not have a quote in a frame or in a message board to inspire you!

8. Tie Rack 
This makes it easier to see the variety of ties that you have and makes them neat.   

9. Small Dresser 
I know it might seem like a weird place to put a dresser but it can make a lot more room your room! 

10.  Clothes you love! 
Go through and discard all those clothes you never wear anymore. Yes may have love them before but now someone else can benefit from them!

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